Day 21 – What I’ve Learned So Far


I’ve learned a lot about myself and my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food consumption during these last 21 days.

I’ve learned that it is HARD. H-A-R-D but doable once you know what you’re doing. That being said prepping myself for this challenge would’ve been far better than doing it on a whim; having recipes ready, cleaning out the pantry, telling friends and family members my goal so i received support. I survived without it, but if i had them in place it would’ve probably gone smooth and swiftly.

I have learned that i don’t need sugar to have a fulfilling meal or life. Life is still good and happy as ever. My head is clear and clutter-free so i can focus on the important things. AND i don’t get headaches anymore – this is a big one for me as i would wake up with headaches and body pains around my chest and back the day after consuming a lot of sugar, so strange but so true.

Day 30 come at me! I’m ready for you with my bottomless water bottle in hand to fight of the sugar monster! So here’s a quick snack that i learned from my previous employer bak in Australia. This woman was my mentor and ate this literally every lunch time and i quickly caught on. I have this when i’m short on time and i’m on the verge of hangry and need to fill up before i run out of the house, or when i’m at work or whenever really!

Tuna and Apple Salad


1 can of Tuna (i use in springwater)

1 Apple diced

1 cup Lettuce

a pinch of Chilli Flakes


  1. Toss together and eat! It may seem like a strange combo but i love it. It’s not fancy by any means but it’s what i do!
  2. If you want add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar for flavour, it’s soooooo good.



Meal 1: Protein Oatmeal

Meal 2: Chicken Schnitzel

Meal 3: Chicken Schnitzel


Total Cups of Water: 9



I repeated my training from last night when i woke up. I felt like it wasn’t quite enough so i pushed myself to repeat the circuit and reach and maintain my target heart rate throughout the workout.

How did YOUR twenty first day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!








One Reply to “Day 21 – What I’ve Learned So Far”

  1. I learned that my diet lacked protein hence the sugar and carbs cravings every so often
    I also learned how ghastly my daily diet was, I was not eating well and was eating the wrong types of foods
    I learned that I can eat at a buffet and not visit the dessert table except to get fruits
    I ate only a few items because only a few items had no sugar in it
    Thank you so much. This diet helped open up my eyes and mind.
    It is not easy but I hope to make it to the 30 day mark…its been 21 days yahoo!
    I plan on quitting sugar altogether especially the really sweet stuff

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