Days 24, 25 & 26 – Time Flies



WE HAVE 4 DAYS LEFT!!! I AM SO SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA BUT THESE PAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN FULL ON! But i’m here, and we have 4 days left. Well, some of you may have started this challenge later so you have longer but that’s no worry, you’ll eventually get to the remaining 4 days also! Keep on keeping on! The time will fly right past you!

This is what the last 3 days have looked like:

DAY 24 Monday;

I was at a commercial shoot from 8am until 11.30pm. It was a LONG DAY and so i had almost no time to write a post, i’m sorry everyone! The past few days have really occupied me but we’re only a few short days away from victory!


Meal 1: Tuna and fruit

Meal 2: Protein Shake

Meal 3: Bulalo soup

Meal 4: Chicken fingers and sweet potato fries

Total Cups of Water: 5


No, there was absolutely no time but taking a break was much needed.


DAY 25 Tuesday;

BBQ! Despidita! Mga friends! I had my last training day at 8am with my girl Monica then i hosted a despidita BBQ with my mga friends because Monica moved back to Australia. It was a sad and joyus night where we played uno and danced through the night and cooked and ate. We were merry men, and women!


Meal 1: Protein Smoothie

Meal 2: Tuna with hummus

Meal 3: Fish tacos, chicken schnitzel strips, spring rolls – (we had a bbq!)

Total Cups of Water: 8


Monica and I trained together for the last time.. it was sad but fun and great! We pushed it hard and completed a full body circuit.


DAY 26 Wednesday;

Wednesday was an errand-amongst-other-things day where I visited the dentist, did some computer work for clients then hurried off to attend Nike Training Club (NTC). Busy and active and time-occupying!

How did YOUR twenty-fourth and twenty-fith and twenty-sixth days go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!






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