Days 27, 28 & 29 – The End Is Near!


Tomorrow is the day. The end of the road. It’s been a ride, guys. A rollercoaster of emotions. There has been error and trial, achievement and success. I’ve learnt things about myself like my level of determination and willpower. And i’m not going to lie – it has actually been pretty difficult but no less i’m pretty damn proud of myself.

This wasn’t a weight loss challenge (although i wouldn’t have minded dropping a few happy kilos) it was a ‘reboot’ of sorts, a reprogramming of my body to appreciate the good nutrients in mostly quality natural unprocessed and totally sugar free foods; the foods that we should all really be consuming because let’s all be real with ourselves pasta, pizza, chips, cereals, bread, chocolate, icecream, and all the other sweets and treats are not doing our bodies an ounce of good.

Tomorrow you can pat yourself on the back and say i did it. There won’t be a gold metal or a cheering crowd but there will be you, and knowing you achieved something incredible for your body and your mind. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, OF US!


This is what the last 3 days have looked like:

DAY 27 Thursday;

I did some filming with my brother for work and ran with #NRC Nike Run Club for the first time in a long time! I missed it, big time. There’s something about completing a 10km run in the middle of the week that is a real motivator. I then went to the movies with my mates because movies are great ūüôā


Meal 1: Fruit Salad Cup

Meal 2: Coconut Crusted Snapper with Salad

Meal 3: Tuna Salad with Fries

Total Cups of Water: 9


Yes! And if you don’t consider a 10km run a workout then buddy you are craaazzyyyyy!


DAY 25 Friday;

I had work in the morning and then embarked on a 3 hour out of town drive to spend time with some of my siblings. I took them out for Teppanyaki, a movie and a sleepover!


Meal 1: Oatmeal and Papaya

Meal 2: Goji Berries and Nut Mix

Meal 3: Teppanyaki; Fried Rice, all sorts of Meats and Mixed Vegetables

Total Cups of Water: 8


Nope. I was kind of bummed i didn’t get to work out. When missing workouts becomes too frequent i get a little sad my body isn’t as active as i am used to.


DAY 26 Saturday;

My family and i woke in the weeeeee hours of the morning, 6am if i am correct. We went out all day bonding with my mom, had lunch together before i had to take them home. I was so tired i didn’t think i could make the drive back at night!

How did YOUR twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth days go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!




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