WE DID IT! 30 challenging and sometimes gruesome sugar free days! There were the magical days when you felt on top of the world like you could beat this challenge with your eyes closed and then there were the days where you wanted to throw in the towel and do nothing but eat a pint of ice cream.. maybe two. Girl, i know. Now prepare for an essay of words that you should totally read:

There is something so incredibly satisfying about beginning a task and actually seeing it through to the end. A lot of us start things with the intention of completing to only get half way and give up. But not this time!

I just want to say i am proud of you and thank you for joining me on this journey. Whether it was just to observe, whether you actually joined or started later – any and all! I just wanted to create a platform where i could express my thoughts and opinions and create awareness on health and hopefully help people along the way.



So what do you think about expelling added sugars in your diet? Has this changed your mind on consuming sugars? Do you feel different? Has your body changed? Will you keep it up? And what do i think?:

  1. I think it’s great! I really do think I can live without sugar added foods. It’s difficult when i eat out more than anything which leaves me to usually make my own food. It’s also difficult when others want to indulge in ice cream or cookies and i’m around because i want to join in but I generally had substitutes so i didn’t miss out and I lived.
  2. This has challenge has definitely changed my mind on how i see sugar. I realised how many different foods had added sugars.
  3. I feel better. I feel great. I feel amazing. Happier, clear minded, just generally fantastic.
  4. Yes! The most notable things are my skin and my mood. My skin is amazing, i haven’t had a pimple or blemish since i started the challenge and i really believe its because of the clean meals i’ve been eating. Actually it’s also my hair is healthy and shiny and my nails are thicker and growing faster (coincidence? I think not!) I’m eating little to none processed foods and I really believe it’s complimenting my hair skin and nails! Tripple whammy!
  5. Now my mood – I feel great but I am worried about when/if I do have sugar heavy foods like cake, ice cream, alcohol and cookies. I really think it’ll give me a migrane the next day or even feel a little depressed. It’ll be a negative shock for sure.
  6. My body has changed! Well i’ve been training so i’ve gained muscle but i’ve also gained size from fat. I put it down to the fact I initially ate more food to compensate for the lack of sugar. I did eat quite a bit more at meals until i realised i needed to drink water to curb those cravings or realised I could ease the cravings with substitutes like fruit. But I don’t regret gaining the weight because it was a learning curb. It may have taken me a couple weeks to understand my body and how it reacted but that’s okay. I learned and now i’m working out! Sexy body is coming back!
  7. Now will I keep it up? For the most part yes I believe i will continue to eat good clean whole foods, unprocessed and sugar free but i will indulge every now and then, maybe once a month or so because mostly i just don’t want to feel poor the next day. I don’t want to not feel my best or look my best because I feel pretty great right about now! And i don’t see a reason to change that.


Last but not least, will i continue this blog? Yes! I think i’ll post once a week though so i can put together some quality posts for you, work on the content and design so it’s somewhere you want to come and learn and discuss the road to a healthier you. Let me know what you think! And once again, thanks for being here! I’ll keep you posted on the continuation of the blog. X



3 Replies to “DAY 30! WE DID IT!”


    Hi Lauren! We met at the gym (AF BGC) before and I remember having a chat with you about eating clean and especially about giving yourself the chance to indulge every now and than rather than deprive yourself from eating something you’re craving for. Anyway, YAY CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE CHALLENGE!! I’m gonna start mine next week 🙏🏼

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  2. Congrats Lauren!
    I’m on Day28 myself
    I feel good & lovin this diet
    I dont feel deprived at all
    I’m eating less craving less & especiall avoiding mostly processed foods with sugar
    Things I miss though: ice cream coz I love love ice cream & noodles
    I am happy that i can think of alternatives when I crave for sweets like fruits & tea
    I really have to make my own meals & eating out is a bit difficult with very few choices
    I want to continue this I quit sugat thing & make it a lifestyle
    Thank you Lauren! Kisses to you!!
    More power! No sugar haha

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