Day 5 – Food is Fuel

Yesterday morning I felt absolutely horrible. I can honestly say I am going to stay away from alcohol (and tonic water) this month. I didn’t have a lot to drink but it just absolutely went throooouuuuugh me! I’m not sure if it’s because I hadn’t drank in some time or if it was the sugar.. maybe a bit of both? It was like a sugar hangover/alcohol hangover!

I decided to get active and keep myself occupied. I got out of the house and went to the gym for a solid 3 hours, an hour or so of that just goofing around mind you, but the goal was really just to get moving and to keep myself busy.

Now I don’t know about you but food is always on my mind. I view food as fuel for my body, not something to indulge in (however every now and then it is nice) and because of this, i’m always thinking of the total nutrients I’ve consumed by the end of the day – it’s just how my mind functions.

I think about what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, about how much protein I consumed, was it a suitable amount of carbohydrates, fat? All the macronutrients. I know it’s a lot of thinking for just food BUT – I only have one body, one ‘vehicle’ to get me through this life so why not fuel it with the best nutrients possible? I want to get to that finish line having lived the healthiest, most enjoyable life possible. I want to feel good, look great and be positive day after day.

Aaannnnnd, I have 3 boys to feed at home, so I have to consider their health also! I want nothing more than our bodies to be the equivalent of F1 racecars; Top performing, efficient, sustainable, reliable and I wouldn’t mind beautiful! Food is fuel. Fuel your body with the food it deserves.



Meal 1: Protein Smoothie. Okay I spoke about this being a poor breakfast option the other day, but I had this during my workout so it helped fuel me throughout. In short, it was a good option this day! 

Snack: Kombucha.

Meal 2: Steak with mashed sweet potato, mushrooms and salad.

Snack: Ginger & lemon tea.

Total Cups of Water: 8 



Better towards the end of the day! Sweating out the alcohol in the gym was a great idea. I also ate a lot less again, but I didn’t really need it so much. I was satisfied with what I consumed. As I said the other day – read your body. It’ll tell you what it wants.



Yes! Arms and legs. It was killer! I didn’t write down the workout though! I’ll be sure to do so today 🙂

P.S I’m thinking of adding photos or recipes or videos etc… Thoughts? How did YOUR forth day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!




Day 4 – There’s Sugar in THAT?!

So i’ve decided to blog about the day before, on the following day. Better? I figure, i might eat later in the evening and not be able to write about it.. So it would be better to blog about the following day, right? Right!

So yesterday.. I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing event. I dressed up in a lovely gown and enjoyed a night out with family, friends and fellow young Filipinos in the the entertainment and fashion industries.

It was a social event so i indulged in a few glasses of alcohol. Alcohol usually has sugar in it so i made sure i only had gin. Gin = 0 sugar. I hadn’t had alcohol for about a month so i decided, why not! I shall have a few glasses of Gin & Tonic… not bad right? BAD!!!!! I DID NOT KNOW THERE WAS SUGAR IN TONIC WATER! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST BUBBLY WATER! WARNING: THERE IS SUGAR IN TONIC WATER!

This realization only came about right now upon looking it up. I feel horrible.. but i’m not going to make this slip up ruin the challenge. I shall push through until the end of the month! And really, it’s not a terrible slip up.. It’s not like i went and ate dessert (when OH MY GOODNESS they had an avocado dessert at the event that was apparently D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S but i steered clear because i have goals and i am dedicated to the challenge!).

The moral is: sugar hides in things you wouldn’t even possibly think it could be hiding! Ready-made sauces, pastas, tonic water, teas, coffee, granola, cereals.. the list is never ending. It’s not HORRIBLE that it is in these things but it is good to be aware. The sugar content can surprise you. (Example: 100ml of Tonic Water averages at 9g of sugar.. thats almost HALF of the recommended sugar intake for the day! Insane!) So for the sake of the challenge, it is ideal to steer clear of these sugar heavy food and beverage items for the duration of the month. When in doubt read the ingredients list on the back of the packaging.



Meal 1: Avocado and egg on whole grain sprouted english muffin.

Snack: Sweet potato/truffle fries.

Meal 2: Tuna sashimi, rump steak, beans and mashed potato.

Snack: 3 glasses of Gin & Tonic.


Total Cups of Water: 8 

Pictured below: My breakfast!




I ate a much less as i was running around for the majority of the day. It didn’t worry me so much as my breakfast was quite large so it kept me fuelled for hours on end!



I didn’t workout on this day! I took it easy. It’s good to have days off in between.


P.S i’m thinking of adding photos or recipes or videos etc… Thoughts? How did YOUR fourth day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!



Day 3 – Preparation is Key!

Be prepared. Plan ahead. With anything in life it is always important to be prepared. Going on a month long challenge such as this, one must be prepared.

I’m not a fan of having a weekly meal plan to follow. It’s too restrictive. I’m already cutting out a prominent food item (sugar) which cancels out a number of foods i would usually choose. So to be restricted to a specific guideline of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner is all too much to handle all at once.

Instead, i prepare a variety of ‘yes’ foods that i am able to select from. Sugar free, delicious, nutritious and available – now. I’m not stuck lurking around the kitchen dreading having to cook something and left thinking about the ready-to-eat sweet snacks and treats in the cupboard.

This way i have options. I can chop and change or i can cook more should i need to. Just having those options will help, i assure you! Cooking in bulk and storing them in the fridge or freezer also saves you time (you don’t need to cook for a couple days) and it will surely save you money (cheaper in bulk!). Some people have mixed feelings towards eating the same thing for a few days straight but there’s nothing wrong with leftovers. Some things are even better the next day! Or the next!

Now here’s a picture of me and my man Snoop whipping up a little something special in the kitchen!



Meal 1: Roasted pumpkin and garlic soup with pita bread.

Snack: Plain greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries and strawberries.

Meal 2: Stir fried mince & snake beans with garlic rice and a baked fish fillet finger with lemon pesto dipping sauce.

Snack: Kombuchaaaaaaa with a handful of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Meal 3: Stir fried mince & snake beans.


Total Cups of Water: 6 (but i could do better than that)



Awesomeeeeeee! I love cooking. I cook for my family almost everyday so i really enjoy it. It strangely keeps my mind off wanting to eat for the sake of eating.. even though i’m surrounded by it.



I didn’t workout this morning because i went straight into cooking! And my lower half of my body is sore from yesterday.. but yes i will do i moderate stationary cycle for an hour before i go to bed tonight like a good girl.


P.S i’m thinking of adding photos or recipes or videos etc… Thoughts? How did YOUR third day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!



Day 2 – The Fluid of Life

Day 1 was a breeze. I was determined and I succeeded. But day 2? Man oh man talk about struggle street!

I basically started the day off wrong. After my morning workout I had a protein smoothie that had strawberries, banana, soy milk and protein powder. Sounds healthy and good? Yes but it wasn’t the ‘right’ kind of breakfast for me to start off with. Firstly, it wasn’t filling and secondly it was ‘sweet‘. I started the day with something that left me unsatisfied and with the lingering taste of sweetness.. it left me looking for it..

I went home to find my 3 brothers sitting down to avocado, eggs, bacon on english muffins. Great, i’ll steer my hunger towards something savoury. I made myself one thinking i’d be satisfied. Nope. Okay. I open the fridge looking for something….Grapes! I munch on that but i am STILL not satisfied. I have nut and fruit mix in the cupboard so i take a heaping handful and snack away for the next 10 minutes but then it occurs to me –

i haven’t drank water ALL DAY. I’m not looking for something sweet.

I AM T-H-I-R-S-T-Y. 

It is so, soooooooo easy to mistake hunger for thirst. Our body is made up of 60% water. From our lungs to our heart, our brain to our skin and our bones! Thirst is basically mild dehydration which often masks itself as hunger leaving us craving and longing for that ‘something’.

Let me know if this sounds familiar: You crave ‘something’. You’re hungry. You need it and will eat until you satisfy that hunger.. Tama ba? But the thing is you won’t because it is actually water you need! The fluid of life!

Seriously, drink more water my mga friends. Without it, it can lead to overeating and eventually possibly weight gain. I write this believing every word written with my 9th glass of water at arms length away.





Meal 1: Protein smoothie; strawberries, banana, soy milk, ice and protein powder.

Meal 2: An english muffin topped with avocado, bacon and an egg.

Snack: a handful of grapes.

Snack: a super large handful (probably more like 2… okay 2) homemade fruit and nut mix (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, dates, almonds).

Meal 3: Bacon and eggs with garlic rice. Because breakfast food is the best food.. 

Meal 4: Plain greek yoghurt with strawberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and honey.

Total Cups of Water: 9



Today was ultimately a win. I figured out what was causing my cravings (today) and i worked with it. I persevered. I’m learning with each day i do this challenge and i can apply it to the next day. Let the journey continue!



9am: I went to the gym with my girlfriend Monica and busted our backsides!

Stationary cycling – split squats – goblet squats – abduction – hip thrusts – deadlifts – curtsy lunge step up – dumbbell side dips.



How did YOUR second day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!





Day 1 – Why Sugar?


Simply, it is because we/i eat too much of it.

Sugar sneaks into food and beverages that you wouldn’t even imagine! Then there’s that pasta, that bread, that coffee, that cookie, those chocolates, those chips.. it’s endless.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends adults consume a maximum of 25 grams of sugar daily (that’s approximately 6 tablespoons). From merely seeing what people around me choose for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.. people are consuming WAY TOO MUCH.

Cake is no longer a dessert item one has every-now-and-then as a treat, it’s displayed at the registers of coffee shops to encourage people to purchase as a lunchtime ‘snack’ along with your sugar laden coffee-macchiato-frappachino-mocha-creme-blendo.  The creamy dressing mixed into your ‘healthy salad’? It’s filled with sugar beyond belief. It all tastes great but is it worth it?

I am choosing to remove sugar from my diet so i can get to know food better. So i take the time so understand what is in the food i am really eating. So i can ‘reset’ my body. So i can ultimately reprogram it to no longer crave these unnecessary sweet treats. I want control of what i eat at each meal – not the other way around.

But Lauren! After the 30 days will you eat that chocolate bar? Maybe yes, maybe no.. if i did choose to eat it, it would be ‘controlled consumption’. I would be in control.



The above is a table the @LAURENstersOFC kindly found online and something that i referred to throughout the day when making food choices.



Meal 1: 2 fried eggs with a can of tuna, spiced with garlic, parsley and pepper. A high protein meal to keep me feeling fuller for longer. 

Meal 2: Sashimi salad (lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, raw salmon, raw tuna, vinegar) with half a grilled salmon roll. This meal is relatively even in it’s macronutrients; fat, carbohydrates and protein. 

Snack: Kombucha. It smells like feet but the probiotics are wooooorrrrrth it! 

Meal 4: Raw salmon sushi and seaweed salad (i’m turning Japanese, i think i’m turning Japanese, i really think so!) 

Snack: Kombucha. Again. It’s a sparkling beverage, so it satiates the ‘sweet feeling’ without any added sugar. I seldom drink soda or juice (almost never) but for those that do, this or sparkling water would be a good alternative.

Meal 5: Avocado and egg on toast! I’m about to workout again with my brother and the fat and carbohydrates are going to get me through the next hour! 



I felt GREAT! I was determined from the moment i woke up and the positive drive kept me going throughout the day.  I surprisingly didn’t have ANY cravings.. i think it was because i kept my mind busy and my goal first and foremost before any decisions. I did repeat a few of the things i ate today but i think it’s because i knew they were appropriate choices and i just really didn’t want to mess up day 1!



7am: I did a sweet 40 minute workout upon waking up:

Walking lunges – squat jumps – modified push ups – reverse lunge reaches – plank – dumbell chop – high knees – reverse crunch – and i ended with some stationary cycling!

9pm: Leg day! I will be doing the following:

Side lunge – skater lunge – leg raises – glute kickbacks – standing abduction – deadlift – and i’ll probably end with some stationary cycling once again!


How did YOUR first day go on the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge? Let me know! Leave me a comment! And if you want to know or hear about anything else just drop me a message!









30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

No sugar for T-H-I-R-T-Y  D-A-Y-S? Girl, baliw ka ba? Okay ka ba?

Yes! I’ve challenged myself to a full month of cutting out added/refined sugar from my diet! I know i could’ve done it quietly, privately but i decided to announce it publicly. Why?

1. as an aid to hold myself accountable and

2. because it’s a great journey to embark on with others, even from a distance. If i can create a platform where even just one other person can commit and make a change for the better than why not!

I mean, what is 30 days out of the rest of your life? It will be tough for a moment (a day, a week – eeeeeeeek) but it’ll be over faster than you think.  A lot can change in 30 days. Your body can change incredibly in 30 days.

Here’s what  you can expect from me:

  • I’ll post a list of everything i consumed at the end of each day – when i ate it, how i ate it. Maybe even some recipes, tips and tricks.
  • I’ll discuss what i felt, the challenges i had and how i persevered – this will be my little 30 day diary detailing the struggles and triumphs of cutting out sugar from my diet.
  • I’ll be working out daily so i’ll post some exercises for you to try out yourself!
  • That’s it! But if you want more, just ask and i’ll see what i can do 🙂


Good luck to anyone joining in, and welcome to everyone else here to enjoy the ride!